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Cardiology is the field of medicine that explores general heart function. Cardiovascular disease is a general term that broadly covers any disorder to the system that has heart failure at its centre. A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of the heart.

Genesis HeartCare comprises the largest group of private practice cardiologists in Australia. Our national cardiology network of clinically independent practices covers more than 20 metropolitan sites and 50 regional clinics and provides services to over 220,000 cardiovascular patients annually. In addition, we partner in the ownership of three major catheterisation labs and are currently involved in over 80 clinical trials across the group.

Our cardiologists have paved the way in evidence based patient care and taken industry-leading steps to support people with heart disease — to better understand their condition, the care choices available, the expected results of treatments and recommended lifestyle choices to improve the individual's health.

We are doing this by collecting, analysing and publicly reporting on important information about our clinical practice and outcomes.

Bupa Member Benefits

bupaGenesis HeartCare, shares a long partnership with Bupa that aims to improve clinical outcomes for patients with cardiovascular disease. Bupa also guarantees its members no out-of-pocket expenses for services from Genesis HeartCare cardiologists when they are admitted into hospital. Click here for more information about this partnership.

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GenesisCare is largest provider of radiation oncology in Australia, the UK and Spain, and also the leading provider of cardiology and sleep treatments in Australia. We exist to fill the treatment gap for the biggest disease burdens – cancer and heart disease – in an environment of substantial unmet demand from an ageing population. Click here to learn more