GenesisCare is owned and operated by doctors and management who operate within the group, along with its consortium partner comprising China Resources Group and Macquarie Capital.

Governance structure

GenesisCare Board

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Executive Team

Managing Director - Dan Collins
Chief Financial Officer - Craig White
Executive Manager, Operations & Integration - Andy Laws
Executive Manager, CancerCare - Keith Hansen
Executive Manager, HeartCare and SleepCare - Prof Stephen Worthley
Executive Manager, International - John Allen
Executive Manager, Europe - Aldo Rolfo
General Counsel – Aaron Picket
Executive Manager, Human Resources (Acting) – Jennifer Warr
Chief Medical Officer - Dr Nathaniel Heiner
Chief Information Officer - Thomas Pinn

Clinical Leaders Forums (CLF)

One for each specialty with doctor representatives from each local practice. Links to Clinical Management Committees

Clinical Management Committees (CMC)

One CMC for each local practice group comprising senior doctors from the relevant practice

Local general management

A dedicated general manager located at each of the practices

Clinical management structure

GenesisCare's clinical management structures are designed to protect and promote the clinical independence of the group's medical practitioners and to maintain maximum engagement of local doctors and managers in the day to day decision making of each practice.

Clinical Management Committees
Each practice forming part of the broader group is empowered to administer local clinical matters via a local Clinical Management Committee (CMC). Doctors from the practice nominate a subset of their doctor group to sit on the CMC including one doctor who acts as the CMC Chairman. These nominated doctors assume responsibility to manage 'clinical matters' for the practice.

Clinical Leaders Forums
Representatives from each local CMC meet regularly as part of a national specialty-based Clinical Leaders Forum (CLF). There are currently two CLF's - one for CancerCare and one for HeartCare.

The role of the CLF includes approving network clinical standards, knowledge sharing, clinical governance and research and development. It is constituted to provide strong clinical and professional direction in cardiology and radiation oncology through a cohesive and innovative network committed to achieving clinical excellence.

The terms of reference for the CLF's broadly include:network and sub-specialist collaboration;

  • network and sub-specialist collaboration;
  • clinical quality and safety;
  • service development; and
  • special advisory functions (eg, professional and ethical advice).

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GenesisCare is largest provider of radiation oncology in Australia, the UK and Spain, and also the leading provider of cardiology and sleep treatments in Australia. We exist to fill the treatment gap for the biggest disease burdens – cancer and heart disease – in an environment of substantial unmet demand from an ageing population. Click here to learn more