Projects members have been involved in:

  • Website review: user testing to review content and ease of use from a consumer perspective.

  • Policy review: as policies come up for review, panel members evaluate the policy from a consumer perspective and make suggestions to enhance the documentation.

  • Patient led training: the patient perspective is regularly used when training staff members on a new treatment technique to ensure the patient impact is front of mind. For example, a breast cancer patient kindly took the time to provide written feedback about the delivery of her treatment which was then turned into video format to educate the radiation therapy group.

  • Recognising patients as teachers: A host of past-patients have given key notes at annual staff meetings for example, The Annual Clinical Collaborative.

  • Technology: There is a proposal to launch a patient app where consumers are involved in vendor review and the selection process.

  • New “Look and Feel” centre design: A consumer was a valued member of the panel for selection of interior design companies that pitched for the new overall design of GenesisCare centres. Having a consumer as a valued member of the panel ensured patients were front and centre of all decisions. 

  • Safety and quality: A consumer was part of a series of safety and quality meetings in Queensland to provide a patient perspective on how to continually improve the service.

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