About the Consumer Representative Panel

At GenesisCare we believe in improving the complex healthcare landscape together with people who have experienced cancer and our service. The Consumer Representative Panel gives consumers (i.e. patients, their families and carers) a voice to ensure decisions are made collectively and we deliver on our promise of providing patient-centred care. The panel is made up of a number of people who have experienced cancer and treatment at GenesisCare. These people kindly act as trusted advisors to the GenesisCare team to ensure all decisions involve the patient voice. Panel member’s professional skill set along with their experience of cancer adds tremendous value to the variety of projects underway to enhance the patient experience. All members bring with them a different skill, perspective and background to ensure a diverse range of views are considered.

Meet our panel:

angela kolar 1Angela Kolar

Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and as a result has a keen interest in the patient healing process and the study of the interactive processes of the mind. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience of human behaviour through her extensive studies, research experience in German Literature and History and a graduate diploma in Library Information Management. Health service organisations giving ‘a voice’ to consumers will certainly benefit future patients and the medical services that GenesisCare provides” according to Angela. When not studying history or gaining distinguished awards she enjoys walking through nature, attending classical music concerts and reading. Angela’s inquisitive mind makes her the perfect member to be part of a review panel, established to enhance the patient experience. 


wayne lieberman 2Wayne Lieberman

With a background in marketing and sales for an International Pharmaceutical Company and now as a news presenter and journalist for Gold Coast radio, Wayne is the perfect panel member to positively contribute to future initiatives impacting patient wellbeing and satisfaction. He was diagnosed with a Merkel Cell Carcinoma last year and continues on a journey of remission and monitoring. Wayne believes that his diverse skill set will help in the review of health literature and support the ongoing improvement of patient-centred care and processes. When he is not gaining knowledge in healthcare or improving his expertise in radio broadcasting and program production Wayne enjoys playing tennis, hitting the occasional golf ball and walking every day.


julie mccrossin 1Julie McCrossin

Julie was diagnosed with cancer in her tonsils, side of her throat and back of her tongue caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in 2013. She underwent radiation therapy and has been in remission for four years. With a professional career as a journalist and ABC broadcaster she is now an avid patient advocate promoting education and support systems during and after treatment. She used her head and neck mask, an object of safety and distress during her treatment and turned it into an influential symbol of positive healing and renewal. Julie is excited to be part of the panel to create awareness on both the psychological and physical side effects of treatment. Through a significant social media presence, Julie is leveraging her many followers to achieve positive outcomes through getting people to talk. When Julie is not moderating high profile conferences and panel discussions, you will find her out bushwalking and spending quality time with family.


wendy thomWendy Thom

Wendy, a keen netballer and mother of two from Lang Lang in country Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 32. While continuing to juggle family life and work in Emergency Management for the State Government, Wendy underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She still however managed to maintain her passion for sport and socialising with friends which she claims had a very powerful and positive impact on her cancer experience. She also stresses the importance of fighting cancer together with family and friends. Wendy will now work with GenesisCare, providing a unique perspective as part of the Consumer Representative Panel on how to improve the experience for others in her position.

Already, members of The Consumer Representative Panel have provided useful insights and excellent advice on projects. Please click here to view the projects panel members have been involved in.

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